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    Just remember… Elemental from my past. When we parted ways, you said you would regret ever doing me wrong.

    Then you proceeded to wrong me beyond measure, when I have ( and had ) only treated you with as much fairness and kindness as I could.

    It was your choice to burn the bridge… your choice to terrorize someone who only ever did what they could to improve your life… your choice to harm the hands that held you.

    When I have nightmares filled with your hate… when I have day terrors from how you treated my heart… I push you even further away.

    And one day? One day you will only be a wistful and sad memory… and that was your doing. You could have stayed close, treasured for the good I saw, appreciated for the things I liked… but you didn’t. You chose instead to return harm for kindness, return pain for love, return hate for peace.

    You got everything you wanted… and everything you left was forever tainted and will soon be completely gone.

    I have no words of kindness for you… just like I think nothing good about the wasp. It is out of my memory until it arrives, and then I end it’s reign of terror as quickly as is possible. So to do your memories find their end. And one day the memories of your stings will no longer remain… just like you.

    The Irreverent Reverend
PortraitTuesday is the new Sunday and I am the Reverend. Thank you for your sacrificial cheese.
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